Overview Part 5: Hotels

Both hotels were a...somewhat different category than we usually stay in. As in, many steps above a hostel, as opposed to one step above a hostel that's our usual (hey, we're cheap!).

In Cannes: Hotel Montaigne was a very modern hotel on a quiet side street in Cannes. Great location, walking distance to the waterfront and the main shopping and dining streets. Website seems to not have an English option, but both Expedia and booking.com list it. Probably runs about $200/night. (Point of reference: this is usually what I tried to spend for a room for four of us).


In Florence:  Hotel Albani Firenze was a very nice hotel with questionable room decor (our room was very...brothel-like with vivid orange paint and one wall that was entirely mirrors). Location was fantastic - a few blocks from the train station, most bus stops and walking distance to Piazza Santa Maria de Fiore (cathedral, duomo, etc), Ponte Vecchio, Ufizzi, and all the usual sites. Great shopping and eating in the vicinity. About 170 euro/night, includes breakfast.