Initial Impressions in Tokyo


That's the view from our hotel window at 5:30 am this morning - and it's Saturday here. I've only had half a cup of green tea, and am adjusting to a new, tiny Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad be patient! (And for the record, the backslash key is WAY to close to the space key, so, forewarned).

A few first impressions after a 13 hour flight: 

Clean. Really really clean. No trash, no graffiti. Trains are sleek, quiet and on time - and so is the subway. 

We've had little trouble getting around so far. Good maps, English translations, subway is color coded with screens showing where you are and what the next stop is. 

Dinner was amusing- had to figure out what we wanted based on pictures, buy tickets for the food from a machine, then place the tickets on the counter to order.  We were the only tourists in the place.


Stay tuned!