For Geeks Only. Rant Alert

What the heck with Blogger, man? I've used Blogger for several blogs - last trip to Europe in 2010, food porn - so I'm not a beginner. But this iPad app is seriously screwed. There are two different interfaces to create a new post. The one I am writing in now - accessed from a "tap here for new post" option, allows me to upload photos from my iPad, but does not have any formatting features beyond being able to bold and italicize the type.

If I go into "view post" and hit "new post" from there, I get the usual blogging formatting tools. But I have the following options to upload a photo: from my blog (meaning I would have already loaded them somehow), from Picasa, from my phone via Google +, or from an URL. Not from the iPad photo library.

The iPad, meanwhile, allows me to "share" photos via messaging, email, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. I can also upload them to Google Drive, which I use quite a bit.

Note, however, that Blogger, a Google product, has zero access to Drive.

Which means that the options to share photos on the iPad do not match the uploading options on Blogger. 

Which means I have to jump through several hoops to get photos to, say Google +, so I can post them in Blogger.

Which means I will probably have to borrow Ryne's laptop to upload photos and get a blog done easily.

Which means I will be in a position of OWING THE TEENAGER. 

Which is bad.