Granada Day One

View from our hotel balcony
Spent another hour driving in large circles around town trying to get to the hotel. Bob did not turn right enough when I directed him to (hey it was a circle with about 5 rights to choose from, in his defense). One wrong turn in these older cities and you are simply doomed.

And for some reason, Google Maps on a cell data connection was not operational here, or in Nerja.

Hotel Juan Miguel is in a great location, although our room (a quad, since originally Vonn was supposed to join us) was on the first floor (American second floor) and faced the square. So it was noisy. But it was huge, and breakfast was included and was very good.

We wandered around town when we got there, lit another coin-operated electric candle for Vonn at the cathedral - there was a 10 cent slot but pricing must have gone up since the candle wouldn't light until we had deposited a 50 cent coin...

Silk merchants' market, now filled with shops
selling lots of junk from India

Dome in the cathedral

Inside the cathedral - Bob and Ryne added for size