Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona's beloved hometown architect, started construction on the Sagrada Familia
What you see when you emerge from the metro
cathedral in 1882.

It's still not done.

And there's just no accounting for taste, is there? Architect Vonn grumbled about his lack of appreciation for all things Gaudi, but admitted he should at least go see it.

This is one of those "come out of the metro and there it is" kind of sites, and I have to say that in addition to the gasps of horror from our own little group, most of the multi-lingual exclamations upon arriving in the square were some variation on "wow." And not the that-is-beautiful kind of wow either.

Some people say Gaudi is the root of the term "gaudy." It's not true, but you can see why people would make that connection.

Yes, that is FRUIT at the top of those spires

It looks marginally better from far away