The Importance of Pastries Cannot Be Overstated

Custard tart, a Portugese specialty
Our pensao is fabulous. Our room was three twin beds and a bathroom in a flat on the second floor (which is the third floor in our land). No elevator. Have I mentioned all the stairs? Goddamn. They get it in Lisbon though - the hills, the stairs, it requires fuel and that fuel should come in the form of pastries. All the time.

I have died and gone to heaven. There is nothing I like more than starting my day with caffeine and sugar, and holy black coffee and pastries, Batman! BLACK coffee so strong the spoon can almost stand up in it, and about 10 different pastries including cookies, pound cake, orange mini cupcakes, coconut cake, apple pastry, sponge cakes, some amazing caramel cake thing that I ate way too much of, veggie quiche, sausages in a croissant, plus fruit, plus ham and cheese and hard boiled eggs. Whew. Good thing lunch doesn't happen until about 2 or 3 pm.

In addition to starting the day that way (presumably), Lisbon residents also stop throughout the day for a little pick-me-up of espresso and more pastries. Croissants, custard tarts, cookies, all sorts of creamy layered cakes...and then there is the gelato...

Sugar. It's not just for breakfast anymore.