Triathlon Chronicles: Not Done Yet

July 9, 2012

I know. You thought I was done. I thought I was done. I guess I'm not done.

Like birthin' babies, the fear and the pain dissipates into the atmosphere soon after the blessed event, leaving only the sense of accomplishment, the pride, the OMG-ness, the "that-wasn't-too-bad" hangover...add a tablespoon of insanity and a dash of hormones and shake well. And sign up for not one more triathlon, but TWO.

LADIES! The Danskin Triathlon is coming to Howell - "a quaint Midwest Michigan Centennial town" -  on August 5. Come join the Girls-Only fun! Goddess #2 (I have renamed the Partners in Crime!) is doing the sprint; I am still an official Triathlon Weenie and registered for the Super Sprint, a 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike, 2 mile run. 

August 18 is the Tri at the Tavern, the Zukey Tri in my very own backyard so to speak. Rick Beaudin, The Pinckney Pirate, signed up at the last minute last year and became an Instant Hero, Just Add Water. Yes, people, he did a triathlon with absolutely no prep, no training, no nothing. Will he do it again? Probably not ("I was crazy to have done it last year," he says. Yeah, maybe. Yet, sooo awesome.). But his can-do attitude lives on in the hearts and minds of rookie triathletes everywhere - "Hey, I did better than everyone who was sitting on the couch that day!" You betcha!

While I was willing to give the regular sprint triathlon a go, kinda, a few of the Goddesses and I decided to be a relay team. No prizes, but we do get the T-shirt, which is really more important anyway. Goddess #2 is our runner, Goddess #3 will bike and I will get the honor of totally sucking at a 1/2 mile swim. In fact, my favorite tri saying at the moment: I'd be a better triathlete, if swimming was as easy as your girlfriend. Yeah, it's sexist as hell, but I still snort every time I read it.