Triathlon Chronicles: Zukey Tri a la escargot

August 26, 2012

I've included two versions of the same photo here for very important reasons. The first reason - Photo 1 - is simply because this is a hilarious triathlon photo. That is me on the left, with Goddess #1. I wonder which one of us is not looking forward to jumping into Zukey Lake at 8 o'clock in the morning?

I have no idea why I am so excited about this. Maybe someone was offering me coffee.

I'll get to Photo #2 in a minute. Because you are probably wondering why escargot are featured in the title of this post, right? This was yet another knee-high muck launch - new and improved, with snails! We stirred up millions of tiny freshwater snails, dead and alive - well, I am assuming some were alive, but how would you know? The water surface was absolutely littered with these little black and grey molluscs. They were small enough to be inhaled! Or get stuck in your ear, or in your...but enough about that! Once you got out of the muck, they were gone and everything was OK again! OK? Good.

'Cuz I'm trying to get y'all to do one of these! And, despite the wildlife, this triathlon was a blast. Since it was just 6 miles down the road, I saw lots of people I knew. The layout was such that friends and family could easily see the transition area and cheer everyone (Shout Out to Zukey Lake Tavern: you are missing an opportunity with the rooftop deck, which would provide prime viewing for devoted fans).

And I did this one as a team with Goddesses #2 and #3, which means we got to see each other throughout the race. So in addition to "only" having to swim a 1/2 mile through snails, I had built-in moral support. We all did! Goddess #2 ran with me from the lake to transition, where Goddess #3 stripped the ankle band off me and rolled out on the bike. We cheered our biker, at start and finish, transferred the chip and launched Goddess #2 into the run. Our transition times were crazy - 30 seconds - since no one had to change any shoes or anything. We also got to help out Goddess #1 as she checked a sprint triathlon off her bucket list (she took 3rd in our age group!).

Plus, there was beer.

And now look at Photo #2 below. I know you don't believe me - much - when I say that all shapes, sizes, ages, levels of fitness, and types of gear can be seen at these events. Look. At. The. Photo. There be love-handles! And generous booty! Beer bellies! Thighs! And that's just me! Heh.

The stats: I swam 1/2 mile in 24:31, Goddess #3 biked 16 miles in 49:23, Goddess #2 ran a 5K in 27:27. We are listed as 2nd in our age group, because they were not set up for team timing (although organizers had already OKed our team participation), and they dropped us from the rankings for awards. So if you see me listed in second place in the 49+ age group, I am not that good! There were three of me!

I'm working on running and swimming over the winter and plan to register for the sprint triathlon of the Tri Goddess in 2013. See you there!