About Our Hotel In Rome

We are staying at the Hotel Spring House, which is a Best Western property of all things. Anyway, when we checked in, we discovered the fridge in our room wasn’t working., so we did what anyone would do, and we let the front desk staff know. We got this funny response – you know, when they say they’ll take care of it right away but they have this look on their face like they can’t figure out why this would bother you. We continued to ask every single day we were there, because the fridge never did work. It became one of the standing jokes of our stay – “Anyone check the fridge today?” "Oh, it's not working!"

There was one electrical outlet that was marked as having power 24 hours. We couldn’t figure out why this was noteworthy until we figured out that you had to insert the room key into a slot inside the room for the lights to work. When you left with the key, the power in the room turned off. This meant we also set off the room alarm several times, usually in the morning as we made our separate ways to breakfast.Why? Because you can only have one key (and one internet login, per room, that can’t be used on more than one device at a time - another story for another time perhaps). So, if Bob and I left the boys sleeping, and took the key, and I went back to the room and they let me in, the alarm would go off. Because the door was being opened without a key in either door slot or the inside light slot. Get it? We didn't either. Somehow, this was all to ensure our safety, we were told every time we set the alarm off.

I’m posting these tidbits now, because I decided to print our boarding passes Sunday night, and went to the guest computer nook and hooked up my laptop to the printer. Started printing the passes – no ink. Not that I was surprised at this point. Went to the front desk, and of course, no one was capable of finding/installing a new ink cartridge. So, they had me email the pass PDF to the front desk so they could print them, complete with grumbling about the 8 pages this was going to take (4 people, 2 flights, sorry!).

It just all seemed to make sense then.