Easy Jet

Ok, it's cheap. Definitely cheap. $100 USD each, one way, Paris to Venice. But oh my god. We arrived at DeGaulle plenty early, 3 hours ahead. But we couldn't get checked in, because Easy Jet does not allow you to check in earlier than 2 hours prior to departure. So we hung out for an hour, and got in line (another line!) to check in, and it was a looonnngg line...and the agents (swathed in these blue shawls, all female, really odd, considering it's British Air) would come down the line and collect whoever was on deck for the next flight ("Helsinki?" "Casablanca" - Bob and I considered changing our plans on that one!).   Then they assigned you a lane for checking in, and then you stand in another line to get into the gate area, and then ANOTHER line to get through gate security (where I got patted down for no apparent reason, and they discovered that Ryne had a pair of scissors in his backpack - which he had when we left the States and no one caught it), and we were sure we would miss our flight. Made it through and stood in ANOTHER line to get on a bus to get to the plane, no assigned seats.

But we made it to Venice just fine, and on time. Guess it's more efficient than it looks.