The Hotel Saga

We were booked for 3 nights at the Hotel alla Salute. As soon as we checked in, we were told that we would have to move the next day to a room in the hotel next door, Hotel Messner, because of a problem with our room. We were too tired to ask what type of problem, although I suspected it was an "overbooking" problem. Room was shabby, but spacious; bathroom was ancient, but workable.

We had already decided to make Easter an easy day and let everyone sleep in. At 10:30, the front desk called and told us we needed to be in the lobby with our bags in 30 minutes. Coincidentally, check out is at 11 am. Bob and I looked at the new room, and it was much smaller, with a private bath quite a bit down the hall. But it was nicer, looked out over the canal, so we were OK with the change. The problem was explained as a "piping problem" in the bathroom, although we had not been told not to use the tub or anything...and incredibly someone was coming on Easter Sunday to fix this problem! Sure.

The real problem we are having is that we paid 200 euro/night for the la Salute - but the room at the Messner rents at 150 euro. But no one seems to understand why we have a problem with this, and why we might want a credit. The Messner is a 3 star hotel after all! And we'll give you free breakfast! And you can come over and use our free wifi! None of which adds up to a 50 euro difference per night! So, we are still working on this. And I am enjoying a complementary glass of wine while I am typing this.

The Messner room: