Paris Catch Up - Friday

We went to Versailles today. Took the metro and the train, we have been very successful negotiating transportation in Paris. Cold, damp and windy again today, but we got to Versailles and...wait for it!...stood in a very very long, curving line again to get tickets. We have now spent at least half our excursion time in Paris standing in lines that snake all over the place. Obviously, the French need to take lessons from the British in the art of the queue. Anyway, we managed to get through the ticket line and into the palace before the rain started.

I have to say, Louis XIV really knew how to build and decorate a palace.

Too wet to get out to the gardens, but this photo was taken through one of the windows.

The famous Hall of Mirrors. This photo doesn't do it justice, it is truly amazing.

We also made it to Notre Dame, although we did not have time for a guided tour, which would have been best. The guys had to make do with Mom's rusty knowledge of history and Gothic architecture. And the towers closed just as we were getting in line, so we weren't able to get up close and personal with the gargoyles.