Gotta Have A Few Disclaimers

A few of my cook books. I stopped counting after 25.
A few disclaimers about this blog and the recipes posted herein:

I am not a chef, I just like to cook.

I don't measure stuff. So, many of the recipes here are best-guesses as to amounts, and can - and should - be adjusted to taste. Except maybe the baked goods (measuring matters).

I do get recipes from other places and will credit, where possible, the original version.

I use butter, cream, salt, sugar and many other evil calorie-and-fat-laden ingredients. Margarine people should probably just go away. Or, even better, read a few articles on what margarine actually is.

No guarantees. Results may vary. Void where prohibited. Ovens get hot. Nutella is not health food.

In pursuit of yumminess,