What I Packed Was Perfect

(yeah I said that last post was the last post, but...)

and I am never traveling with more than a carry-on again

For 14 days:

  • Rain jacket (unlined)
  • Umbrella
  • flip flops (which, actually, I only used at the ryokan, because the slippers they provided would not stay on my feet)
  • visor
  • walking shoes (Dansko) and a pair of Skechers
  • 2 dri-fit type capri pants
  • 2 dri-fit type long pants (one converted to capris)
  • 5 dri-fit tees of various types
  • 2 light cotton tees
  • 2 sleeveless shirts (never wore them)
  • pjs
  • 1 dri-fit type very light hoodie (from Uniclo!)
  • 1 denim jacket
  • assorted underwear items, about a week's worth
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • clothesline (most hotels already had one in the shower)
  • bath kit (shampoo/lotion in 3 oz bottles, toothbrush/paste, meds, comb, makeup, etc)
  • gallon ziploc with various meds - laxative, anti-diarrheal, colds (never used)
  • woolite (perfect for handwashing)
  • adapter (never used)
  • small messenger bag (never used)
  • small travel hair dryer (never used)

I'm sure I am forgetting something. If so, I probably didn't use it. In my main messenger bag, I had my iPad mini with Bluetooth keyboard (which I left in the hotel during the day), phone, passport, JR Pass, wallet, various charging cords plus a power pack, passport, wipes, kleenex, pens, etc.