My New Business Venture - Rebecca's AutoLaundroBar

I figured we could do laundry in Nerja, forgetting that we would be there on a Sunday. Self-serve laundromats are a rarity in Europe; when we were in Rome in 2010, we spent a small fortune at a drop-off laundry because we could not find a laundromat.

Imagine my surprise as I am sitting in the car while Bob gets gas after our afternoon in Frigliana and I notice a laundromat next to the car wash. I got out and checked it out - it was clean, the price included soap and for 7 euros we could do one big load. So we went back to the hotel, gathered up the wash and headed back out.

Why yes, I will have an espresso while I wait for my wash.

This place...I'm not sure what to call it but how can it not make money? Car wash, laundromat, gas station, convenience store, bar and cafe, complete with a small bounce house for the kids.

Espresso, beer, wine, food...and hams hanging above the bar and liter jugs of olive oil for sale.

It was crazy.

It was brilliant.

I am so opening one.