Nerja and Frigliana

View from Nerja
Ah, the Costa Del Sol, playground of the rich and famous. We drove along the southern coast of Spain from Tarifa to Nerja and all we could think was "This is really really built up." Like Florida. Somehow, we had this picture in our heads of quaint little Mediterranean seaside towns. Uh, no.

We then spent about two hours trying to get to our hotel. You can't just go around the block here if you take a wrong turn - the narrow maze of one way streets shoves you in completely different directions. We did eventually find Hostal Don Peque and it hit all the good buttons - nice rooftop deck and view, balcony onto the street, HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER, close to shops, restaurants and a bakery.
Ryno chrysalis

This area is called the Balcony of Europe due to the clifftop views of the Mediterranean and while it is smaller than Malaga and Marbella, it is still very touristy. Half of England seems to have retired here, and if you have a craving for Yorkshire Pudding and some beef, you can find it on almost every street.

Luckily, we found tapas (and more yummy berenjengas!)

We headed up to Frigliana, a "white hills town" a few miles north, where we got our now-daily quota of stairs and hills know, my left knee has been fine after rehab last summer, but now? not so much...but the views were fabulous. 

Happy lunchtime in the sun with fish stew and a glass of rioja

View from Frigliana

Looking down a "street" in Frigliana