Bathroom Cleaning

You know you want to read this.

My life is sad enough that I was completely excited and totally blown away by Magic Eraser. I know this product has been around, and I have heard reports of the wonder of it. But, man. What IS this thing? How does it work? Because it works really really well. It just seems to be a sponge, a little more solid than a usual one. I don't get it. I used the special bathroom one on the tubs and it was awesome - and the tubs here can get gross. Because I hate cleaning bathrooms. But all I had to do was wet the sponge and wipe down the tub, all done, looks great!

Then I used a regular Magic Eraser on the ceramic tile. Forgot the grout was originally white! How about that? And I didn't even need to be one of those toothbrush-wielding uptight cleaner moms.

How does this relate to the World Tour, you ask? We will have a house and pet sitter for the duration. 'Nuff said.