Money and Cats

Today started out with Rex sneaking outside and under the deck, where he apparently crashed into something and bruised his hip or leg, and gashed his forehead. He seems to be OK, and managed to get upstairs in time to imbibe in leftover shower water.

We also ordered euros through AAA, and I think FedEx tried to deliver them today. The note says they require a direct signature (so someone has to physically be here) and the someone has to be an adult (and human I am guessing). After 6 pm I can drive 20+ miles into Ann Arbor somewhere to pick it up myself, or they will continue to attempt delivery here for two more days. I have visions of my driving to Ann Arbor only to find that they are trying to deliver my package in Pinckney.

I just checked the location, and it is near the A2 airport...maybe I can turn this into a dinner opportunity? And try to pay for dinner using euros?